About Us

       We are so excited that you have chosen to shop with us!! Here is a little bit about the girls @ Coastique. We are a Mother and three daughter team! Our heart is to bring you trendy outfits for all things beach town whether you are in a beach town or just dreaming of one.

Our favorite thing to do on a Saturday is SHOP!!! We all have unique styles, body types and ideas of whats trendy. Finding places to shop that accommodate everyone has always been hard.... even harder boutique shopping has usually only worked for half of us while the others leave frustrated not being able to find anything. So our idea of this boutique is to try our hardest to meet and compliment all ages of women...from teens, young adults and mature women! 

I am Joscelyn Langley, mom of the three girls!!! And Coastique's Owner and CEO. I truly LOVE all things fashion & all things Beachy!!! We started kicking around this idea of opening a boutique in early 2020. I am a Photographer and have owned my own business for 15 years, people ask me everyday about wardrobe choices for their family pictures and it is my FAVORITE!!!! I love sharing with people styles, colors and ideas they would never consider on the beach. I also like quirky, trendy and weird styles that you usually would never think to try. And I love encouraging women to step out of their comfort zones to try new styles, new trends and even bright and vibrant colors. I have big dreams for this Boutique and am so excited to bring something different to Navarre Beach & our friends online. 

These are my girls. They have helped find super cute trendy styles for their ages, young adult & teenagers. 

I am also married to my amazing husband Jason, who lets me take these huge risks and follow after crazy dreams. If I am being honest he has believed in me and this business the most in these last 28 days! And I do have an older son who is twenty one and a United States Marine, your shopping with us helps us to save a little lagniappe so that we can go visit him soon on the coast of California... literally across the country!

Thank you so much for shopping with us! Sharing us with your friends & family across the United States. And locals we are so thankful for your support and encouragement for seeing our dream come to life! We are excited for what the future holds!!! Until then SHOP BEACHY whether you are heading to the beach or just dreaming about being there!!

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